Geography Examination Questions For SS1

CLASS:       SS1           

 INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions


  1. The following countries are members of ECOWAS except (a) Ghana (b) Mali (c) Cameroun (d) Togo
  2. _____ has boundary with Nigeria except (a) Ghana (b) Niger Republic (c) Benin Republic (d) Cameroun
  3. One of these is best known for wood carving in Nigeria (a) Lagos (b) Ikot Ekpene (c) Uyo (d) Kano
  4. Which of the following scale is the smallest scale (a) 1:100,000 (b) 1:10 (c) 1:50 (d) 1:4000
  5. An example of a sedimentary rock is? (a) granite (b) schist (c) coal (d) marble
  6. The earth could be said to be the following shape except (a) sphere (b) geoid (c) oval (d) square
  7. ________ is the most flexible means of transportation (a) road (b)air (c) water (d) rail
  8. Uyo-Etinan road is an example of a _____road (a) trunk A (b) trunk B (c) trunk C (d) trunk D
  9. The earliest form of communication is _____ (a) oral (b) signal (c) gong (d) radio
  10. Water transportation is transportation through the following except ______ (a) Rivers (b) Ocean (c) mountain (d) canal
  11. Geography help to ___________ the ____________ we live in
  12. Nigeria people living in different areas of the country have learned to _________________ to their ___________________________
  13. _________________ is a young boy who lives in southern ______
  14. Musa help his father milk their
  15. __________ people are cattle rearers
  16. Hausa farmer in Sokoto, Kaduna and Kano grow ______________, _________ and other vegetables
  17. A sell them to people in the _______________________________
  18. A miner digs deep into the earth to find hidden ________________
  19. Tin, columbite, coal and even gold are find in ___________ and in the Udi Hills and Ilesha in __________________ state
  20. In the Niger Delta, many Ijaw people are fisherman. True or False
  21. ___________ also has large deposit of oil
  22. Alska it is very cold and there is plenty of ____________________
  23. In the ___________ and revenue areas people build house on stilts
  24. People who live in the Urban cities and towns build houses made from ________________ and ______________ with roofs made from iron sheets
  25. ___________ have been polluted with and the fish died


  1. Define transportation
  2. On an outline Map of Nigeria, locate and name two important commercial areas in Nigeria
  3. Draw a sketch Map of Nigeria and on it locate and name one international airport and one seaport
  4. (a) Define manufacturing industry      (b) State two characteristics of manufacturing industries in Nigeria
  5. (a) List the 9 planets in order of their distance from the sun   (b) The largest planet is _____________________
  6. What types of jobs do most people in the Niger Delta engage in?
  7. Define Geography
  8. Why are many people who live in the high land miners?
  9. Explain how the geography (land, vegetation, climate) of northern Nigeria  affects the lives of the people who live there
  10. What type of homes do the Ijaw people build and why?

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