Examination Questions On English Language For SS1 And SS2 (Compilation)

CLASS: SS1                    SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE      Time: 1½  hours

INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions 

Section A: Objective

Choose the word that Best completes each sentence from the option A – D

  1. Alfred is afraid of his wife who has a very _____ size (a) eminent  (b) momentous (c) prominent (d) intimidating
  2. The government has imposed an _____ on the importation of used vehicles (a) order (b) edict (c) embargo (d) act
  3. The corpse has been taken to the _______ (a) dispensary (b) theatre (c) mortuary (d) wad
  4. His appointment was _____ because of irregularities in his credentials (a) annualled (b) suspended (c) terminated (d) dismissed
  5. I can hear you ______ from here (a) quickly (b) soundly (c) clearly (d) quietly
  6. The president flew to London yesterday, __________ he? (a) didn’t (b) does (c) did (d) hadn’t
  7. John and Peter do not like mathematics, _____ they? (a) do  (b) aren’t (c) will (d) did
  8. What we did was contrary _____ the instructions (a) to  (b) by (c) at (d) with
  9. My brother _____ work in that factory, but he no longer works there now. (a) used to (b) can (c) should (d) could
  10. The firm ____ its staff well. (a) pays  (b) pay  (c) were paying (d) paying


Chose the word that is nearest in meaning to the underlined words.

  1. My neighbour lives ahumdrum   (a) busy (b) careless (c) monotonous (d) humble
  2. Nowadays, children are given much more latitude than before (a) advice (b) luxury (c) freedom (d) variety
  3. The thief’s jail term are to run (a) immediately (b) directly (c) simultaneously (c) singularly
  4. This book is the abridged version of the original. (a) edited (b) detailed (c) shortened (d) revised
  5. The teacher sent the boy out of the class  for his (a) timidity (b) indifference (c) rudeness (d) cheating

Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word.

  1. The government was accused of implementing policies that favored the elite instead of he _______ (a) oppressed (b) masses (c) worker (d) jobless
  2. It is inconceivable that the son shone in the night? (a) unthinkable (b) credible (c) contestable (d) impossible
  3. She only gives a superficial impression of warmth and friendliness. (a) strong (b) deep (c) fake (c) unrealistic
  4. As a prudent businessman, Adeyi does not leave anything  to chance (a) frugal (b) careless (c) unsuccessful (d) shrewd.
  5. Last year our farmers cultivated more crops than they ______ (a) destroy (b) harvested (c) uprooted (d) yielded


  1. You have had a quarrel with your best friend and are no longer on talking terms. Write a letter to him/her giving reasons why you should forget the past and continue with the friendship.
  2. List and explain (6) six types of verbs.
  3. (a) Define irregular verbs (b) Complete the table

Present tense                past tense            past participate

  1. Break                     _________            ____________
  2. Have                      _________            had
  3. ______                      ________              known
  4. _______                     rose                      _________
  5. _______                     bid                        __________
  6. Shut                        _______                ___________
  7. Drive                       ________              ___________
  8. _______                      ________              become
  9. Beat                         ________              _________
  10. Drink                        _________            _________


4.  List and explain (5) five types of Adverbs.

5.   List and explain (4) four types of Essay writing.

6. (a) Define tense

(b) Write short note of the following types of tense

(a)  Present tense

(b) Past tense

(c) Future   tense

CLASS: SS2                    SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE   Time: 1½ hours     

INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions

Section A

Choose the correct answer from the options  A-D that best complete the sentence

  1. Obtaining a scholarship these days is a rare _______ (a) privillege (b) priviledge  (c) privilege  (d) priviledge
  2. You have to be very good at a language before you can ____ it (a) intaprete  (b) ineterpit (c) interpret (d) interprete
  3. Yawning in public without covering one’s mouth shows lack of _____ (a) etequete (b) etiquette (c) etiquette (d) effiquete
  4. During the stampede at the stadium, many people ____ (a) are injured (b) were injured (c) was injured (d) has injured
  5. The drum sounded _____a lion was roaring.(a) as if (b) but (c)because (d) although
  6. The ______ in ekapong is noticeable (a) changing (b)change (c)changed (d) changes
  7. Though Alice was tired yesterday, she _____ sleep. (a)cannot (b)couldn’t not
  8. Rita always displays a high degree of _____ (a) modestor (b) modestration  (c)modestered (d) modesty
  9. It is a shame that Ada and joy have _____ they used to be such good friends.   (a) broken down (b) broken away (c) broken in (d) broken up

Choose the word that is nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word.

  1. There isn’t enough rice, so its importation is permitted where as the importation of cement is ____(a) suspended (b) licensed (c) unaccepted (d) prohibited
  2. Both side are very hopeful about the outcome of the peace talk, but observers are still very _____ (a) realistic (b) emphatic (c) exploit (d) pessimistic
  3. The staff who disclosed the information he was supposed to ____ was  (a) conceal (b) cover (c) protect (d) allow
  4. The Chief was generous in his award of university scholarships (a) mean (b) honest (c) considerate (d) liberal
  5. To most people last Christmas was an Austere   (a) prosperous (b) harsh (c) sour  (d) severe

Choose the word that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word.

  1. The move to expel the chairman was sanctioned by members of the party. (a) supported (b) unleashed (c) opposed (d) initiated
  2. Because John is so easily offended, he was not considered for the post of head boy? (a) irritable (b) stubborn (c) troublesome (d) docile
  3. The commander said that the battle would be sustained total and relentless (a) continuous (b) brutal (c) fierce (d) innocuous
  4. The government has announced its preparedness for the  scheme (a) readiness (b) pleasure (c) regret (d) determination
  5. The principal advised the participants to following convention in stating their points (a) eloquence (b) advice (c) prudence (d) tradition


  1. Write a letter to your mother telling her about the outreach your school is embarking on asking for permission to join them.
  2. List and explain eight (8) types of pronoun.
  3. (a) Define the following terms (a) conjunction (b) adjective (c) interjection (d) preposition

(b) complete the table

Present tense      past tense            past participle

  1. Attack           ________              __________
  2. Call                called                    _________
  3. Begin              _______                begun
  4. Do                    did                        ______
  5. Draw              ________              drawn
  6. Fall                  _______                ________
  7. Grow              grew                     _________
  8. Ring                    _______                __________
  9. Speak               spoke                    _________
  10. Wear                 ______                  _________


  1. Define adjective  (b) List and explain (5) five types of adjective.
  2. Write an essay on the topic: My first Day in Senior Secondary School.
  3. (a) Define tense      (b) List  and explain types of tense

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