English Language Examination Questions For JSS1-JSS3


SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE          Time: 1½ hour

INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions

Section A: Objective
Choose the word that best fill in the space from the options A –D
1. My uncle wentfishing _____ caught a prawn (a) but (b) which (c) and (d) that
2. The cat ___ belonged to John is missing (a) whom (b) who (c) which (d) what
3. He came for the play ____ he was sick (a) because (b) if (c) although (d) so
4. The astronauts _____ went to mars came home safety (a) whom (b) that (c) who (d) which
5. We went for an or child exhibition last week____, we saw some exotic flowers (a) inspite of (b) beside (c) there (d) then
6. My dress ___ a tear. I must ____ it (a) has, mend (b) had, mends (c) has, mending (d) had, mending
7. I ____ a bowl of cereal for breakfast every moving (a) have (b) has (c) had (d) having
8. He ____ German fluently (a) speaks (b) spoke (c) speak (d) speaking
9. She signs sweetly, ____ she? (a) doesn’t (b) does (c) is (d) hasn’t
10. The murderer____ to court for trial (a) has been brought (b) has brought (c) had brought (d) had been brought

Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word in the sentences
11. He intentionally hid the documents from his secretary (a) careful (b) accidentally (c) willingly (d) foolishly
12. My father purchased various articles from the supermarket (a) accepted (b) sold (c) bought (d) destroyed
13. The students were advised to register all the compulsory subjects in the examination (a) easy (b) optional (c) unimportant (d) important
14. The new car belongs to Mr. Peter (a) news (b) white (c) man (d) old
15. He was sleeping when she open the door. (a) sleepy (b) slumbering (c) yowning (d) awake

Choose from the list of words lettered A-D the option which is nearest in meaning to the underlined words in the sentences.

16. Only one little girl witnessed the accident (a) knew (b) heard (c) proclaimed (d) saw

17. Her eloping with the man is a stigma to the family (a) calamity (b) pride (c) glory (d) disgrace
18. He apologized for being unable to recall my name (a) call (b) repent (c) spell (d) remember
19. Ada was compelled to marry Austin (a) assisted (b) force (c) intimidated (d) deceived
20. The speaker was given an ovation after his speech (a) certificate (b) applause (c) encouragement (d) criticism

1. List and explain five (5) types of noun

2. (a) Define pronoun
(b) List eight (8) types of pronoun

3. (a) Define verb
(b) List five (5) types of verb

4. Write down the collective names of the following
(a) An ___________ of solders
(b) A ____________ of keys
(c) A ___________ of followers
(d) A ____________ of bees
(e) A ____________ of angels
(f) A ____________ of cars
(g) A ____________ of ladies
(h) A ____________ of sheep
(i) A ____________ of broom
(j) A ____________ of singers

5. (a) What is letter writing?
(b) List and explain the types of letter writing and their features


SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE            Time: 1½ hours

INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions

Section A: Objective
Choose the word that best fill in the space from the options A –D
1 A company unable to pay its debt will go _____ (a) balanced (b) solvent (c) backrupt (d) debit
2 The tall man has been charged _____ murder (a) for (b) in (c) of (d) with
3 Those who copy from textbooks ______ be punished (a) may (b) should (c) will (d) shall
4 Measles _____ no longer difficult to treat (a) is (b) are (c) were (d) was
5 The exposed milk in the container has turned ____ (a) sour (b) putrid (c) stale (d) mouldy
6 The Mayor gave a glowing _____ at the funeral of the City’s only curator (a) tribute (b) statement (c) citation (d) commendation
7 The _____ results proved that the patient had hepatitis (a) test (b) probe (c) diagnosis (d) investigation
8 The new textbook has beautiful ____ which make it attribute (a) illustration (b) demonstrations (c) illuminations (d) compositions
9 At Christmas, employees of sugar factory receive huge _____ (a) benefits (b) dividends (c) bonuses (d) salaries
10 Mrs. Olisa is not a good wife. She _____ on her husband (a) test (b) watches (c) cheats (d) slaps
From the list of words lettered A-D. Choose the one that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word in the sentences

11 A few days after Musa’s his sister longed for his departure (a) coming (b) arrival (c) entrance (d) welcome
12 Mathematics seems complicated, but with practice it becomes _____ (a) solved (b) simple (c) accessible (d) achievable
13 Most African Countries face poverty while few enjoy _____ (a) power (b) affluence (c) influence (d) job
14 Judit likes eating sour fruit (a) tasty (b) sweet (c) beautiful (d) bitter
15 The baby was premature when it was born (a) moody (b) mature (c) lowly (d) over weight

From the words lettered A-D, choose the word that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in the sentence

16 He was directed to write the letter (a) forced (b) persuaded (c) advised (d) instructed
17 When she heard the gunshot, she ran into a thick forest (a) tight (b) dense (c) close (c) deep
18 That was a timely intervention (a) suitable (b) accurate (c) Major (d) prompt
19 Everyone has the urge to succeed in life (a) compulsion (b) need (c) courage (d) desire
20 The politician is a fluent speaker (a) superficial (b) insightful (c) dazzling (d) an eloquent

1 Write a composition on the preparation of “My Favourite Food”.
2 List and explain five (5) types of adjectives
3 Complete the table

Present Tense          Past Tense        Past Participle
1 Arise                         _________                Arisen
2 Put                              __________             __________
3 Sell                             ___________          __________
4 Spend                       __________             spent
5 Grow                        __________          __________
6 Fight                         __________          __________
7 Cast                          __________             __________
8 ________                   __________               chosen
9 __________              lent                          __________
10 __________            took                       __________

4 (a) Define preposition
(b) List six (6) ways to use preposition

5 Write a letter to your friend telling him/ her about your birthday party that is coming up next month.

6 (a) Define verb
(b) List and explain five (5) types of verb


SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE        Time: 1 ½ hours
INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions

Section A: Objective

Choose the word that best complete the sentences from the options lettered A – D
1. Are ______ yours? Asked the guard (a) this (b) which (c) that (d) these
2. Margam, should tell the teacher, _____? (a) could she (b) couldn’t she (c) shall she (d) shouldn’t she
3. One must always try to do things by _____ (a) ourselves (b) themselves (c) myself (d) oneself
4. You haven’t voted _____? (a) did you (b) can you (c) has you (c) have you
5. We swept and cleaned the whole school compound all by (a) itself (b) ourselves (c) yourselves (d) themselves
From the options lettered A – D, choose the word that is Nearest in meaning to the word underlined in the following sentences.
6. He tried to kill his enemy (a) forgive (b) defend (c) murder (d) Approach
7. I have built a costly house at home. (a) temporary (b) expensive (c) tall (d) durable
8. He played the ball high (a) kicked (b) scored (c) trapped (d) bounced
9. I saw my cousin yesterday. (a) Niece (b) relation (c) uncle (d) Brother/son
10. We must forgive those who are repentant. (a) pity (b) pardon (c) forget (d) help

From the options lettered A – D, choose the word that is almost opposite in meaning to the underlined word in he sentences.
11. He extinguished the fire as he saw it threatening to burn the house. (a) kindled (b) put off (c) fanned (d) switched
12. Because of his hurting legs, he ascended the mountains slowly (a) Descended (b) moved to (c) touched (d) abandoned
13. Since the accused pleaded guilty the judged insisted that he should be locked up. (a) ignorant (b) innocent (c) pardoned (d) free
14. We should appreciate other people’s achievements. (a) Enforce (b) recognize (c) destroy (d) condemn
15. The employer was tactless with his comments to the workers. (a) sober, (b) cautious (c) Helpless (c) Careless
16. She gave the students explicit instructions (a) confusing (b) simple (c) implicit (d) Definite
17. My mother and my sisters _____ travelling to Kano next week. (a) is (b) was (c) are (d) am
18. You _____ well today. (a) were looking (b) is looking (c) am looking (d) are looking
19. We have to leave now. It ___ late. (a) is getting (b) got late (c) was getting (d) has got
20. The boy remain indoor because it was ___ cold outside. (a) deeply (b) barely (c) absolutely (d) extremely

1. You friend in another school has requested information about your school to enable him to decide n moving over to your school. Write a letter to /her discussing at least three areas in which your school excels
2. As the president of your club, write a letter to the chairman of your local Government Association complaining about the increasing rate of child labour and suggesting ways to eradicate it.
3. You are the chief speaker in a debate on the topic; Female child is more important than a male child. Write your contribution for or against the topic.
4. Write an story that ends with the statement: I had never felt so embarrassed in my life.
5. List and explain (8) eight types of pronoun.
6. List and explain (5) five types of adverbs.

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